Me and my long-time friend, Matt, have spent nearly every Friday night for the last decade or more night drinking in his garage complaining about our jobs and talking about cars.  Talking about engines.  Talking about suspension.  Talking about all the auto auctions that come to visit us in Phoenix each January.  Recording Barret-Jackson and watching it on the garage TV.  Talking about the builds, talking about what we liked, what we’d do differently …

We’ve done a lot of watching and even more talking.

Then, one night about 6 months ago, we thought “Why are we just talking, why aren’t we doing?”

So, we did some more talking.  We talked about how difficult and rewarding it was for Matt when he recently completed his 1970 FJ40 build after three years and sold it on eBay.  We talked about the 1968 Camaro I’ve been working on for 18 years and how life always finds a way to take you away from your project.

We talked about deciding what we wanted to do, and why aren’t we doing it?

We talked about what would it be like to work on builds instead of commuting to a cube.  We talked about how we both have worked in our respective fields for a long time and maybe it’s time to make a change.  Maybe we should work toward building a business doing what we’re both always so excited about and feel so much satisfaction doing but never seem to actually do.

Then we talked about what to buy and what do we want to build?  We both love resto-mods in the pro-touring vein.  But we’re more into cruising and car shows than racing autocross.  We also know the cost to purchase most 60’s and early 70’s muscle cars are getting too high even for rust buckets.

But we both love trucks and a beat up C10 can usually be found for reasonable money…

So, we’re building a C10.  We went on the hunt for any short bed we could find and although we initially came across a low cost square body and made an offer; while the owner was thinking about it, we came across this, our first build: 1970 Chop Top.

It runs and rides good.  It’s a little low on power (maybe a tune up?) and the lower doors and cab corners have a little rust but we think the ride height looks good for a static drop and the chop is cool.

Now we’re gonna start doing…