We sat down together to come up with a plan and a budget and decided the truck needs a little more giddyup and a good clean before we move it along. And, we’ve been working hard on the ’86 Bronco the last few weekends to make her pretty again. We inspected the vehicle and made a check list of needs and wants so and made sure we can complete the needs and squeeze as many wants as will fit into the budget and came up with:


  • Tune-up including change every fluids everywhere
  • Pass Emissions
  • Repair electronic choke
  • Repair Fuel Gauge
  • Repair Tachometer
  • Repair driver, passenger and tailgate door rattles
  • Repair Air Conditioning
  • New tires
  • Detail everything:
    • Engine bay
    • Underbody
    • Interior
    • Wash/wax
    • Chrome polish


  • New intake
  • Dual exhaust (headers, cats, mufflers)


To-date we’ve made good progress:

  • Degreased and pressure washed the engine bay and underbody
  • Removed the aging and ailing aftermarket alarm system
  • Bought some sweet new 33″ tires.  It rides so much better on round tires…
  • Begun work on refurbishing the doors.  Replaced the striker bushings all around and now all the doors shut solidly and don’t rattle when driving
  • Refurbished the door panels
  • Refurbished the air filter housing
  • Begun changing fluids and tune-up

Refurbishing Door Panels

We found plastic, vinyl and leather reconditioning products from SEM that helped us clean and paint our door panels’ plastic components. They were simple to use and worked quickly, highly recommend them for your project. After refurbishing the plastic, cleaning the upholstered bits and polishing the chrome, the door panels look like brand new!


We also decided we want to keep better organized and know our actual time spent, not just an estimate in our heads.  I found some useful, simple and free software that can help us out.

Project Management

We found a free online project management tool called FreedCamp. This tools works well for collaboration between multiple team members, you can have unlimited projects and users and the user interface is simple for creating tasks and grouping them logically.  It sends notifications via email and/or SMS. It integrates with Google Calendar as well so your project’s tasks can show up on your phone. We found that planning tasks, setting due dates and reminders are helping keep us on task.

Time Keeping

One other area we want to keep track of is how much time it actually takes to complete the various tasks we’re working on.  Although Freedcamp has a timekeeping option that works well, there was a little more data entry than what we we’re looking for since time is attached to tasks.  We really wanted a simple virtual time clock; punch-in & punch out.

We found another free app called Toggl. This tool allows people to simply tap a button to begin tracking time and press it again to stop.  You can create projects to assign time to and add notes for what you worked on if you’re so inclined. There’s an app for all the moblie platforms and an administrative website too. If you forgot to add time you can add it manually after the fact.  It has simple reporting to see current progress and emails a weekly summary.

So far, FreedCamp is helping us stay focused and Toggl is helping us know how long things really take.  We’re really impressed with both apps and you can’t beat the price.