Matt and I have been working to get all the individual panels coated in epoxy primer. Now that most everything is primered and all the new panels have arrived we’re mocking up the truck to make sure everything fits. It’s really satisfying to see the truck looking like a truck, not just a pile of parts all over the place.

We bought the tailgate and bed front from Classic Industries and I have to say, we’re disappointed with how the spot welds were done. Where the metal sheets come together there’s about 1/8th inch gaps in between each spot weld. This means we have to hammer an dolly everything flush the use a little filler to make it all nice. I was looking for closer to zero day’s work on new panels rather than four hours plus.

But, we bought our front fenders from AMD and … wow … they fit like a glove. We bolted them up and with very little adjustment they are looking good and no damage whatsoever. Matt and I keep learning this lesson, spend a little extra to save a bunch of time. AMD’s panels were about 9% more expensive than competitors but the fit and finish is about 100% better and they went from the box to the truck with zero days work.

We’ve also begun the bodywork. Many people don’t like bodywork, it’s tedious, it’s dirty, it seems to go on forever. It is tedious, you have to go over parts two or three or more times to get everything just right. It is dirty, it looks like it snowed in Matt’s garage just working on the door sills and bedsides. It kinda does go on forever, I’ve been massaging our beatup original sheetmetal passenger rear fender two weekends in a row. But when it’s done, done right, it really looks sweet. Plus, sanding by hand and working with a friend means no compressors and air tools so you can chat while you work, or torture your friend with Christmas music, its fun!

Also, bodywork means we can put the welder away and the rust is gone so that’s real progress. Back to sanding off the filler I just put on…