After last week’s disappointing rain delay we were anxious to get the cab sealed this weekend. The weather was in the middle 90’s, a little warm for the epoxy primer but the show must go on. Matt and I had been over this cab a million times each looking for defects that needed to be corrected prior to primer and each time you take a look there’s some nick-picky little thing that needs correcting. Nothing finds flaws like rubbing the beast down with a towel loaded with PRE paint prep. The towel will catch on any nook or cranny that isn’t quite right.

We spent four hours roughing up every surface with 80 grit on the DA sander, grinding down anything pokey our towels found and rubbing PRE over the whole thing until the towels stopped picking up dirt then masking off the frame. Finally, it was time to spray. And it came out great. Matt said it took us 17 months to get back to where we started, a primered truck. Ha Ha!

But we’ve done a lot of metal work to this cab:

  • Driver and passenger floor pathces installed
  • Driver and passenger floor supports replaced
  • Driver and passenger inner and outer rockers replaced
  • Driver and passenger cab corners replaced
  • Driver front door pillar patch
  • Passenger rear door pillar patch
  • Replace inner front roof panel
  • Replace outer roof skin
  • Remove drip rails
  • Smooth dashboard

Today was a long day but rewarding. It finally feels like we’re getting close to paint, I think we earned our beer today.

Cab Primer - Driver Side
Cab Primer - Firewall
Cab Primer - Passenger Side
Cab Primer - Rear