This evening the wife was out so it was boys night.  Me and the munchkins decided to go to a local cruise-in to check out any trucks that might show up…  Made sure the 4 year old and 2 year old know the only important rule of car shows: DON’T TOUCH THE CARS!

1967 Nova

This Nova caught my eye, hell, even the boys ran up to it yelling, “This is a cool hot rod!”.  We chatted with the owner and discovered he bought it mostly completed but the steering was sloppy and it was four wheel drum.  He converted to disc up front and replaced the steering box and some bushings and said it stops on a dime and the steering is nice and tight.

I commented that the work done wasn’t too difficult then he told me number 7 journal bearing spun so he had to work on the bottom end a little.  While the engine was out he decided to make some more horsepower by getting a bigger cam and converting to roller rockers and lifters.  The engine builder he used said to put a brass distributor gear on the cam, so he did.  Turns out that was a bad move and it shredded over the course of about 1,000 miles.  Brass all over the innards, bummer. After calling COMP Cams about the brass gear they said no can do on that cam.

Needless to say the engine’s been cleaned and built again and only has a few hundred miles on it, hope all’s well for him now, the body on this ride is sweet and straight as hell.

We all had fun and the boys followed the only rule of car shows and didn’t touch a damn thing. They didn’t even need a reminder… nice work guys!

Also, tonight at bed time the 2 year old asked if I could buy him a hot rod when he’s a little older.  I let him know we can build one together.