We’ve worked all summer and into the fall to get the C10 Roadster ready for the Goodguys Southwest Nationals in Scottsdale, Arizona on November 15-17th, 2019.

In late spring, before it got too hot, we managed to get the truck painted. We used the color Granite Crystal from a 2015 Dodge Challenger and what a sweet color it is. It pops in the sunlight. We painted the engine and transmission Dodge Viper red, bam!

Once it was all painted the sanding began again. Once I got the clear down to 2000 scratch, it was time to polish. I used the 3M Perfect-It polish system and thought it worked great.

I love how the panels go from a scuffed, dull look to a mirror finish between the 2000 and polish. It cracks me up when people stop by and ask, “so, are you going for a matte finish?” before the polish is complete.

While I was sanding and polishing, Matt was busy putting everything back together. He roughed in the wiring and plumbing. I finished the cab so he could work on electrical and brakes there. While he was doing that I worked on the bed. Once that was mounted Mat finished up the fuel and rear electrical. 

Then I polished up the front clip and we worked on final assembly.

One thing we had to learn was cutting glass. Turns out it wasn’t too bad, of course I just worked the camera while Matt did all the work so maybe it was harder than I thought.

Bell Auto Upholstery wrapped our seats and all our custom-built panels in red leather. We think they did a pretty good job! And the red interior really pops against the Granite Crystal Grey.

We worked hard all summer and into fall to make the Goodguys show, but we fell short.

It was extremely disappointing for both of us. We were finally able to take the truck out for a spin to work out any issues the week of the show.  There were several little issues we fixed, a bunch more we ran out of time to fix and one big on that held us up from going to the show, the transmission was slipping and wouldn’t drive properly. No go, no show…

So back to the garage to fix some of the little issues we ran out of time for and pull the transmission out to have a shop peek inside.