My last car was a 2000 Honda Civic. The Civic was efficient and reliable but BORING, I couldn’t take that car anymore regardless of my enormous commute. I discussed replacing the Civic with the wife and we came to the agreement:

  • car will have 8 cylinders
  • car will have rear wheel drive
  • car will seat 5
  • car should have manual trasmission
  • car will have four doors (I can compromise with the wife, plus it makes kids & car seats easier)

In 2015 I started hunting for full size sedans and found there are almost no rear drive V8 machines in a reasonable price range. Anything meeting all criteria was German or Japanese and out of my price range. Everything domestic was front drive, didn’t have a manual transmission or didn’t have four doors. I made one last compromise on the manual and the Charger became the only full size, four door, V8 powered, rear drive sedan on the market with a reasonable price. Good thing I love it’s style.

My wife found this 2006 Charger RT. The color is Magnesium Pearl, it’s a 2006 only color.  I love blue and Dodge’s Sky Blue Pearl on the Charger and Challenger is about my favorite color ever so I was not initially sold on the color.  But now I love it, I like that there’s not many in the same color and with black trim it looks pretty aggressive.

The Charger was stock and in fantastic shape, not a door ding on it and ran great. Had a bit of a joygasm on the test drive when I floored it on the freeway and I could pass cars! (so not like the Civic). Gave the man his money, drove the car home and I immediately started planning my enhancements to this ride.

I ended up performing a 2″ drop with new springs and shocks. Added some 20″ Viper replica wheels in flat black. Upgraded the brake pads.  Swapped in some Flowmaster Delta Series 50 mufflers and removed resonators. And added a Mopar cold air intake.

On the body I searched around a lot for a new grille and front/rear spoilers. I wanted a smooth look at the rear, not a big wing, and I wanted an aggressive grille with a deep set back.  I found Danko Reproductions online and fell in love with their simple rear spoiler and the 1969 style Charger Grille. Had the parts shipped and painted them along the rear view mirrors and back of trunk black with an eggshell clear so they’re a semi gloss.

My daily driver looks aggressive, sounds aggressive, handles aggressive and stops aggressive. This car is the opposite of the Civic in every way except reliability, it’s been no problem the whole time I’ve had it. And it makes the kids laugh out loud whenever I turn off the traction control and do a burnout so … win, win.