Matt and I decided to take our families out to check out The Classic Street Show hosted by Team Musc1e Car Club. This was a fun, small show with all kinds of cars from modern muscle to imports, lifted trucks to low riders.  There were plenty of competition categories including loudest sound system (which my boys didn’t like to much “It’s too loud!” they kept complaining) and loudest exhaust (which my boys did like, especially the S2000 that spewed flames from the tail pipe, “The car shoots fire Papa!”)

Dodge Challenger Hellcat

Although I am not a die hard brand loyalist it seems my family is turning into a Mopar family ever since I bought my ’06 Charger.  Every time we’re out and about both my boys point out every Charger and Challenger they see.  They love to describe all the fancy things the owner may have done, like custom graphics, wheels or exhaust.  When we arrived at The Classic Street show they were no different and they ran straight to the Challenger Hellcat with shouts of joy.  The owner added some excellent graphics to the car including a large gloss black Hellcat logo in the middle of the matte black portion of the hood, looked great.

We also all were amazed at the black paint on this Chevelle, so straight, blemish free and so deep it was like a mirror.  Everyone had a great time hunting for some shade and checking out the wild things people can do with their cars.