We’ve been putting miles on the roadster to shake out any bugs.  Damn this truck is fun to cruise in! It is loud, it is topless, the stereo bumps, did I mention … it is loud?

Since we missed the 2019 Goodguys Southwest Nationals we went to a local cruise-in to see what people may think of the roadster.

We brought the Charger and Gomez brought the Chevy II we recently worked on to have a strong presence that night.

We were a bit nervous that people might complain about making a truck into a roadster. We kept thinking “how’s it different than a Model A or Model B truck hot rodded?” but we just we unsure what people’s opinions would be.

Wow, did we get a lot of positive feedback. We didn’t hear any complaints, everyone really liked the charcoal paint with the red engine, interior and bedwood. It was amazing to hear how different people picked up on different things, some people couldn’t get over the bed, others the interior and more still the clean engine bay.

One guy must have known his trucks, he noticed almost every detail of every change we made to every part, he loved it all.  He gave us the best compliment and he didn’t even know it; as he was walking away after about 20 minutes talking with me about the truck, he leaned over to his girlfriend and I overheard him say, “Now that, is a work of art.” Thanks man.

I guess everyone likes ’em topless…

Roadster's Done

It was fun, time to get started on the C20…