Matt and I were at friendly poker game this week when we learned one of the guys had a 1986 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer Edition with the 5.8 HO engine and he wanted the truck out of his back yard.  It had been sitting a couple years and was driven into the yard but who knows if it’ll start again, right? But you make your money when you buy, no?

So, Matt negotiated a good price and the seller even offered to handle the towing to Matt’s place, sweet!  The truck has a shade over 200K miles and the engine was replaced by the dealership at about 150K miles so a fairly new engine. As we’re looking it over we’re impressed the rubber all over looks to be in decent shape, the paint is a bit oxidized and the interior is a bit faded but there’s no rust, so we got that going for us.

Friday afternoon Matt rebuilt the gunked up carb, put in a new fuel pump, and popped in an old battery we had laying around and … it fired right up and idles smooth as silk. We took it for a ride around the block and it drives good, brakes are strong, no squeals.  Suspension doesn’t squeak or rattle, power steering works. What the heck? Total opposite of the Chop Top project in the difficulty department.  Of course, it felt like we were riding on square tires but that’s to be expected.

So, we’ll see how she cleans up and maybe we can make that exhaust a little less restrictive and louder…  we’ll keep you updated.