We’ve been busily working away at getting all our body work done to get the truck ready for paint. We started out in the garage sealing the panels with epoxy primer…

… then a sprayable polyester primer.

But we quickly realized we do not have enough space to spray a bunch of panels at one time.

So, we layed some concrete and put up a metal carport to get extra space.

With our new workspace we finished up spraying all panels with epoxy then polyester. The polyester primer we bought is a PPG product since we’re using a PPG paint system and it was more expensive than a high build 2k but it saved time because it was easier to sand and get level. 

My favorite new tool is this door hangar, I can spray two doors inside and out, awesome.

Once again Matt and I re-learned that a little extra spent on materials and quality tools can add up to a lot of saved hours.

Once the polyester was on and we made everything “laser” straight we sprayed the final primer. We also decided we hate the phrase laser straight, no one uses lasers to check how straignt thier panels are, you use guidecoat, so shouldn’t the phrase be powder straight? That’s how straight our panels are, powder straight, much better than some high falutin laser.

We wet sanded everything putting a 400 scratch on the primer and, man, we are excited about the results. Everything’s looking straight and smooth with almost no flaws to repair. We’re particularly happy with the firewall. This engine bay is going to be something special.

Next up is paint, and since even with the new space we’re finding panel storage difficult we’ve decided it will be best to store the panels back on the truck. So we’re getting busy prepping the drivetrain, exhaust and plumbing to get on the frame so we can paint panels and reattach them to the beast. After so many hours of bodywork which feels like a never ending job, it is really exciting to start putting things back together again.