Matt and I have been busting our humps the last couple weekends trying to get the cab ready for primer. Two weeks ago we thought it was ready but it’s amazing how many little things you find when you go over something with a fine tooth comb. Look, an unused bolt hole to fill, some welds that could use a little more work with a grinding wheel, a sticker label left on a piece of new sheet metal and the list goes on … but the work is finally done.

Last weekend we made an inventory of supplies we need to spray and I promptly got on Amazon to order up masking tape, masking paper, Scotch Brite scuff pads, tack cloths, coveralls, even a sweet sealed motor fan. Everything arrived and we are fully stocked with paint, tools and consumables. No work has been done for the last five days to make sure no extra dust has been kicked up during the week.Drizzle

Today we finally are read to spray that cab. I went to bed early last night, got up early, got to Matt’s garage early even brought my mop and bucket┬áto make sure the floor is as clean as possible to reduce contamination. We got everything organized cleaned and were about ready to mix up some PPG epoxy sealer primer when it starts to rain. This is Arizona folks, average rainfall in Phoenix in October is 0.59 inches all of which came today. So, too humid to spray, feh.

Maybe next weekend, for now I’ll find some metal to clean and straighten … where’d I put those bedsides??